New at HAINZL: SKF Lubricant Distributor SLC

The modular SKF Lincoln SLC lubricant distributor was designed for high-pressure grease injection systems. Dosing and regulating screws allow individual adjustment of the dosing quantity for each lubrication point. With its compact design, the SLC lubricant distributor is ideally suited for applications in the renewable energy, construction, mining and heavy industry sectors, as it represents an economically advantageous alternative to small and medium-sized dual-line lubrication systems.

Advantage of modular design
SKF is currently introducing the new Lincoln SLC lubricant distributor to the market. HAINZL is the series supplier and development partner for innovative system solutions from a single source. The modular design of the lubricant distributor requires comparatively few components, does without soft seals and thus counteracts potential leakage risks preventively.

The distributors have robust return springs for the control pistons and, thanks to their good relief capability, are suitable for greases up to NLGI 2. They enable reliable operation even under harsh conditions and at low temperatures. Their flow rates can either be variably adjusted by means of adjustable regulating screws or fixed by means of dosing screws. Both options ensure that each lubrication point receives the required amount of lubricant.

Variety of designs
The SLC is available from HAINZL as a partner of SKF in two versions: as SLC1 for one to twelve diffusers (setting range 0.1 to 0.7 cm³) and as SLC2 for one to six diffusers (setting range 0.2 to 1.4 cm³). Both versions are available with BSP or NPT threads and in corrosion class C3. Inlet and outlet connections are available in both metric and inch sizes.

The new lubricant distributors are kept very small. The lubricant distributor can therefore also be used to replace smaller dual line lubrication systems with medium pressures. Depending on customer requirements, application area and budget, this concept can be supplemented by screw-in optical or electrical function checks as well as special screw connections.

The data sheet is available for further technical information:

If you have any questions about the new SLC lubricant distributor, please contact Patrick Lindner (p.lindner@hainzl.at; +43 732 7892 634).

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