NEW: Premium Technical Support from HAINZL for machines & systems

High availability of machines and systems is a decisive competitive factor for their operators. With the new Premium Technical Support (PTS) HAINZL now offers its customers the possibility to ensure the highest availability of the system.

HAINZL will suggest the optimum service package for the system or machine already in the quotation phase of the system planning. However, this is freely expandable: nine different Premium Technical Support (PTS) modules are available. Training and spare parts packages, a remote system analysis, 24-hour telephone support or on-site maintenance by a HAINZL PTS technician can be selected as required. In the event of maintenance, the customer contacts our specially trained PTS service team directly. Our experts collect the data and analyze possible causes - regardless of location and time.

"If the fault cannot be rectified via remote diagnosis and maintenance, our PTS fitters will also be on site within 24 hours to restore system availability. In this way we can guarantee our customers optimum service for their special requirements - all over the world," explains Helmut Possegger, Head of System Technology at HAINZL.

Contact: Christoph Kappacher, c.kappacher@hainzl.at

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